Monday, November 18, 2013

College Fashionista: Cardigan Jargon

Hey y'all! For the last four months, I have been interning for College Fashionista and I couldn't be more thankful for this opportunity. If you love cardigans, here's my take on the new trending open-knit drape cardigan! Each monday an article written by me will be featured on the site, so check it out and follow my Style Advice of the Week Monday articles! Click here to view the article.

Here's a little snippet of the article...

"This Fashionista combines the geometric style with an open-knit drape cardigan. Her open-knit drape cardigan displays intricate details of red and blue geometric shapes, resembling a look similar to tribal print. I love cardigans like this because they are versatile, fun and add a boost of color to the layers. Knit drape cardigans are wonderful for days when you’re running late or want to dress up without all the effort. Its knit material is thick and warm as a blanket, yet fashionable. Imagine these cardigans as your “on-the-go” blankets to class, but make sure you don’t get too comfortable in class and fall asleep with it!"

xoxo Your Southern Pearl <3

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