Monday, June 10, 2013

Rise and Shine!

Good morning y'all! To start off my day I did my favorite morning yoga and listened to Cups by Anna Kendrick! Ah, what a lovely girl!

I've seen her do the Cup song in her latest movie, Pitch Perfect but absolutely love the music video that she created not too long ago. It's so upbeat and light-hearted!

On another note, the moment I have been waiting for basically all my life is 362 days away!!!! I can't believe that I'll be marrying my best friend in a matter of seconds. This engagement has gone by so fast and it's miraculous that I get to count down the year with you guys!!! So in honor of my big day, I want to give you some taste of what I envision!

Since it'll be a summer wedding filled with fun and special people to share it with, I wanted to to make it more of a romantic formal event full of flowers and dim lighting.

I mean, how grand would this be? Isn't it beautiful!? This looks like it came out of a fairytale book, right?

 I just love the twinkly lights that embody the whole wedding! And this is just perfect!

Or even something as simple as this? It's just so pretty!

You guys, if I am being a cheeseball just forgive me! But when a girl is dreaming of her special day, who wouldnt be like this??

Anyways, I wanted you guys to have a little idea of what I wanted (; Stay tuned for more posts in the future about my dream wedding!!! Hope you guys enjoyed it, and feel free to comment below of how you envision your special day! I'd be more than glad to hear you describe your ultimate wedding!

xoxo Your Southern Pearl <3