Monday, May 27, 2013

Hangover Part 3 Fashion Inspiration

Hey y'all, I hope everyone is having a great Monday! While many of you know the Hangover movies and can quote about most of the lines, my fiance and I took the time to go watch the new installment of the famous "Wolfpack."

In their final escapade, Alan, Phil and Stu must retrieve gold that Chow apparently stole from the unknown man named Marshall. Along the way, they happen to get bombarded in a minivan, reunited with Jade the stripper, and crash a party while clumsily climbing down to Chow's penthouse suite.

Being that the Wolfpack is one of my favorite movie trios, I had to take this time to show how you can get a similar look to Alan, Phil and Stu.

1. Alan's Black and Blue Stripes and Infamous Shades

Hangover Part 3 - Alan's Outfit

To recreate Alan's look, I wanted to ditch the old fisher's vest and spice it up with the a fashionable vest that has flare to it! The black and blue stripped shirt helps simplify the look and lets the eye focus more on the vest. While Alan may get away with the baggy khaki pants, I wanted this outfit to have a slim fit with the skinny jeans and boots. One thing is vital to get Alan's look: the brown aviators he sports while relinquishing it to "Carlos" through Hangover 1 and 3. Lastly, in order to give the outfit more diversity without overpowering the black color, I added the dark brown bracelet to compliment both the outfit and glasses.

2. Phil's "Diesel" Muscle Shirt 

Hangover Part 3 - Phil's Outfit

To recreate Phil's outfit, I found a great slim black long sleeve, this gives it a simple look. I paired it with ankle length skinny khaki pants with pointed-toe pumps to give it a more feminine touch. With the last touches of the belt, watch, and Ray Bans, it gives it simplicity! This look would be perfect for doing errands around town or even going to class!

3. Stu's Simple Button Up

Hangover Part 3 - Stu's Outfit

And lastly, Stu! Honestly I have so much fun doing movie character inspirations and was so happy to find an outfit that looked just like Stu's. Out of everything I love button ups! It's so versatile for dressing it up to dressing it down. So in order to recreate Stu's outfit I wanted to first get a pink button up shirt. This blouse is so comfy looking I just want to buy one too! In Stu's picture you can see that these pants had a fadish color, so I wanted jeans that looked a little faded but still cute. I ended up with the boyfriend jeans and it looks perfect! I paired it with nude flats and a tortoise eyeglasses and voila! A simple outfit in which you can wear just about anywhere; to the movies, the park, walking around campus, shopping at the mall and so forth. If you want to dress it up, you can add some nice pumps to it and add a necklace or bracelets. But be careful not to over accessorize, keep it simple and clean!

So there you have it! I recreated outfits from Alan, Phil, and Stu from Hangover 3 and I hoped y'all liked it. As I have said before, one of my favorite post to make is the movie inspired outfits. I mean you get to play around on Polyvore and create outfits that look like the characters! If you haven't watched Hangover Part 3, grab a friend or a date and go watch it. Trust me, it's totally better than the second movie! (;

xoxo Your Southern Pearl <3


  1. Where can I buy Alan's fisher vest?

  2. Hey dskarpus! You can buy this lovely Korean Style Zip Embellished Irregular Chiffon Waistcoat Vest at!!! Hope you find it!