Thursday, January 10, 2013

A New Addition To The Family

Hey y'all! So last weekend I was in Savannah and went to this fabulous flea market and there were so many antique and vintage stuff there. It's miraculous what you can find in a flea market! Well, over the course of time I stumbled on something quite precious.

A Papillion. And what is a papillion, you might ask? They're small intelligent dogs that are quite friendly and lively with cute fluffy ears!!!

For a while, I have been looking on "Craigslist" to find a small bred pup and had the worst luck. Ultimately I gave up on that search not too long before visiting the flea market. There I just happen to fall in loooooovvveeeeeee with this cute puppy and I just had to have her. Yes, I already have Brice who is almost 1 years old, but I found out soon enough that it was my fiance's dog. He loves Thomas more! I wanted my own baby that I could spoil and love. And yes, having a puppy is such a big responsibility. I must say, they are quite similar to an infant. They need love, attention, someone to feed them and to take them out every so often (every hour for me, ughhh.)  But I've got to say, she is the cutest thing!

So without further ado, I'd like to introduce Bella!

xoxo Your Southern Pearl <3

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