Thursday, December 20, 2012

America, the Beautiful.

Happy Christmas Break College viewers! And Happy Holidays to everyone!!!! Let's all take the time to just take a breather after I successfully passed this semester's exams! Thank God, I survived the whole week of constantly staying up for long hours without coffee or anything. So last night, my mom and I planted ourselves to the catch to cheer and represent Ms. Philippines! Y'all might not know this but I am 100% Filipino but have lived in the US since I was four! Sadly, I do not know how to speak my native tongue, I can at least understand when people speak tagalog to me (weird, right?!). To honestly say, I kind of rock the best of both worlds!! Although I am not at all 'white', I can say that I am American and Filipino at the same time. I'm in the middle of both of the great cultures of America and Philippines! It's just awesome to know I'm surrounded by multiculturalism, in which helped me choose the right sorority for me! But anyways as I was saying, my mom and I were watching Miss Universe like any other year. Truthfully, I think these major pageants are quite fascinating and also inspiring! These women have dedicated their time into making the best of themselves. They're beautiful and work hard to where they are now! I mean, I give them so much props for walking down the runway with high heels! I can barely walk on my two flat feet without tripping on myself. Clumsy, is my name! And their confidence goes beyond the roof! By the end of the night it came down to two countries that took me by surprise. I never expected USA and Philippines so be the last to stand before the final title call. Who would of thought that the two countries that have influenced my life would stand fighting for Ms. Universe???? And as the anxiety grew, they announced the winner to be Ms. USA! I honestly couldnt be any more happy for the results. I live in a country with many freedoms and great fooooood! And I couldn't be more proud for growing up in a beautiful country such as America! In honor of the US winning, I paired my sheer blouse and pearls with a vintage American sweater! Happy winnings!!

xoxo Your Southern Pearl <3

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