Thursday, August 16, 2012

With Peach && Love

- "Z-E-T-A S-I-G-M-A C-H-I -- ZETA SIGMA CHI!!!!"
-"We're not this or that, or in between we're just radiant ladies of the sweet black and peach, unnniiiii!"

Okay, okay! Enough of sorority chants, but just thought I'd represent just a tad bit! Let me break it down a little for all you curious cats about a little sorority with a big dream!

In 1990, eight determined women at Northern Illinois University came together to form a bond like no other! They ad an idea for an organization that would unify women of different cultures, ethnicities, religions and backgrounds. This organization would also focus on the pursuit of higher education and achieving academic success. These strong women wanted not only to teach others at their school about their ideals, but they wanted to share their dreams and experiences with others as well! And from there Zeta Sigma Chi was founded on March 3, 1991.

So as you can see, we're fairly new. We are the exception from the various sororities out there and are quite unique. We do not discriminate and we accept everyone for who they are. And yes we are a social sorority just like everyone else but not only that, we do a lot of service and make education one of our greatest priorities! Coming into college I've always wanted to be part of the big greek organization but just couldn't find the right fit. I've always been a little different in high school and never stayed in one specific clique. I always just loved jumping around from different groups of people and here in Zeta Sigma Chi, I found home. These group of exceptional lovely ladies just opened my horizon. And they opened my eyes to all dreams of unifying women of different cultures and backgrounds. And as a new sorority our future aspirations is to create a significant difference in the community as well as on campus! We want to welcome everyone with open arms and show the atypical from the "typical." From time to time you may see different significant things relating to ZSC in the blog!

Our colors: Peach and Black!
Mascot? A unicorn! Yea a mystical graceful creature such as a unicorn!
And our flower is the peach rose (:

As I share this with you all, I just get excited telling you something quite significant in my life like Z-Chi. This sorority has changed my life in a great way and they just mean so much to me. And the sisterhood I've created with them is something worth while. <3

With peach and love,
Your Southern Pearl

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